Made My New Company Logo at

I found a great logo designer that was extremely easy to use, and had several options to help me make a new company logo by scratch.  I had no idea where to start as far as getting a logo designed, but after a search on Google, I came across “LogoSnap” at  

Within just a few minutes after staring up their logo maker, I had found a design I liked, then I was brought to a screen where I could fully customize the design with any color I wanted, as well as add text in several available fonts.  I’ll post my new logo here tomorrow for my Website Development company!

5 responses to “Made My New Company Logo at

  • Jon

    I too just used Logo snap to save me the time and money to create perfect logo for my new blossoming company. It was an incredibly easy online program to use – it was great to have so many different options available to me that I could then modify and fine-tune to my liking. I know that I could have put together something on photoshop, but I know that I lack an eye for design when it comes to making something that looks professional. It’s nice to be able to have this resource available to put together something quickly that looks great! Thanks Logosnap!

  • JP

    November 4, 2012
    I am working with a new non-profit and wanted to put together letterhead. The pictures that are available on are creative with so many variations to choose from. LogoSnap is easy to navigate. It is a great resource, and offers many variations for business cards & stationary once the logo is created. I highly recommend

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  • T. Grant

    I’d like to comment on too. Just as the name implies, very easy to do. They had a lot of options for free design. You have to create an account and, once I did that, I had no problem navigating thru the site. It was easy to do, easy to “play” with and, a decent selection of fonts to compliment the design. I actually got a lead on this website thru a Youtube video on web design. I have experience plugging and chugging info into an admin site (I own a few sites and companies) but, no experience doing 100% of the website, logo design etc. etc. all by myself. website will allow you to create a simple logo by yourself or create a custom logo. The color of the font was adjustable too with a wide selection of custom colors. I thought the pricing was fair. There is an option to pay and snag your logo asap or blog about it and agree to their terms to receive a free logo, not a bad deal at all, very fair I thought. All in all it was a good experience and I too would recommend this and their website for any DIY logo project.


    Thank you for sharing this! Excited to check it out.

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